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On this page are US per-state plots sorted by per capita cumulative deaths, from highest to lowest.

Note that data on recoveries is not available and so is estimated, and active cases then inferred from this estimate. See the bottom of this page for details.

Larger plots for individual states are at the following links:

    •Alabama     •Louisiana     •Oklahoma
    •Alaska     •Maine     •Oregon
    •Arizona     •Maryland     •Pennsylvania
    •Arkansas     •Massachusetts     •Puerto Rico
    •California     •Michigan     •Rhode Island
    •Colorado     •Minnesota     •South Carolina
    •Connecticut     •Mississippi     •South Dakota
    •Delaware     •Missouri     •Tennessee
    •District of Columbia     •Montana     •Texas
    •Florida     •Nebraska     •Utah
    •Georgia     •Nevada     •Vermont
    •Hawaii     •New Hampshire     •Virginia
    •Idaho     •New Jersey     •Washington
    •Illinois     •New Mexico     •West Virginia
    •Indiana     •New York     •Wisconsin
    •Iowa     •North Carolina     •Wyoming
    •Kansas     •North Dakota
    •Kentucky     •Ohio

Caveats and explanations

Source for case numbers: New York Times COVID dataset on GitHub

Source for vaccination numbers: Centers for Civic Impact COVID dataset on GitHub

Plots by Chris Billington. Contact: chrisjbillington [at] gmail [dot] com

Python script for producing the plots can be found at The script is messy, as things are in a state of flux and I've been experimenting and switching data sources. It will likely be cleaner once it becomes clear which data source is best.